Saturday, 5 March 2016

Your skip bin foot print

Ever wondered where your skip bin rubbish ends up?

You may have seen recent news stories about rogue skip bin operators illegally dumping your skip bin rubbish on the side of the road or on vacant blocks of land.

Big Bin Hire takes a very serious approach to recycling and we do our very best to ensure your skip bin footprint from an environmental perspective is limited.

As mentioned in other posts, we do our best to ensure that the skip bin size we provide you is appropriate for your waste needs.

When we pick your skip bin up from your site, we take it back to our premises where we meticulously sort your skip bin waste into categories such as timber, green waste, concrete, bricks and soil. We even attempt to make soil skip bins as clean as possible so the remaining product can be reused as top soil.

We estimate that we recycle 70% of all rubbish received; meaning 30% of rubbish goes to land fill.

Recycling does however come with a cost (equipment, labour etc), but this is essential to ensure that we are not dumping 100% of your skip bin waste in land fill.

Make sure you let us know if you think you can sort your rubbish on site to help with our recycling costs and we will ensure you receive a cheaper price for your efforts.

Big Bin Hire is based in Williamstown and services most Melbourne suburbs. Our skip bin sizes range from 4-20m3 and they are all walk-in bins to ensure loading ease.

For further information or to talk to one of our friendly staff, please call 1300 224 473 or visit

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